All Things NotSoNormalBen

Hi! I’m Ben and I have no idea what to do with my life. I’m a graduate of the University of Stirling in Scotland and have a first-class degree in History. That said, I don’t plan on being a historian, but have absolutely no other ideas of what I want to be doing right now. So in order to distract myself from such uncertainty, I spend most of my time sat on my computer, playing video games, reading and watching TV (that is, when I’m not working).

Most of this blog is and shall be dedicated to such distractions. That is, if I remember to maintain the blog. At the time of writing, I am determined to keep this going, mainly because I’ve not got many better things to be doing. In the past I’ve always seemed to forget to bother adding new posts, but this time feels different. I think…

Oh yeah, I forgot. I’m also a Jedi. Just a Padawan, but still. Got more Force than your average fella.

Video games are a particular favourite of mine, including GTA, any type of Star Wars game, Battlefield and a lot more. I enjoy crime books and autobiographies, so a few reviews can be expected. I regularly watch TV shows such as the Big Bang Theory, Homeland and Family Guy.

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