Song of the Week #19: ‘High Flying Gypsy’ by Inglorious



Inglorious are a new band to me. I was almost accidentally introduced to them by a friend at work – by that I mean he was listening to them and I heard them too. Turns out, they were called Inglorious and they sounded great. So I went home and listened to them later that evening. Then within half an hour I had purchased their self-titled debut album Inglorious. I would urge any hard rock fan to do the same.

It’s been a while since I have heard vocals both as powerful and as wide-ranging as the pipes this guy possesses. Holy sh*t! He can without a doubt match Myles Kennedy’s ability to hit those testicle-busting notes in the higher octaves, and has a rough growl-like quality to his voice which only improves the sound. Combine that with loud guitars, and excellent song-writing, and you have Inglorious!

My track choice is “High Flying Gypsy”, for a few reasons; it’s awesome, it’s excellent and it’s brilliant. There. Mostly that chorus though. Wow. That’s a combination of power vocals and guitars combining to create an ear orgasm. That’s what it is. No, honestly, I googled it. That’s the technical name like vibrato or tempo, only… Ear orgasm.

From this early evidence I think it’s clear Inglorious are going places. They’re playing a few shows this summer, mainly in England, as well as hitting the Wildfire Festival in Lanarkshire. Typically, I am working and can’t make it. Really guys, your one Scottish date and you couldn’t have made it the next weekend when I’m off work? Thanks.

If you can make it though, I shall promise to you my eternal envy. Go do it, just never boast about how great they were.

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