Song of the Week #17: ‘You Know My Name’ by Chris Cornell


casino royale you know my name

What a song. What a film. What a combination. Best Bond theme there is – sure, there have been classier, but have there been better? No.

It’s powerful, it’s loud and it’s Chris Cornell which basically means it’s brilliant. If only his solo career had kept on track with more like this… But still. The guitar intro is fantastic and it builds on that throughout the rest of the song. His vocals, especially in the chorus are just great.

Basically, this song came on at work the other day and I was automatically in a good mood, if only because it meant I was humming it for the rest of the day which meant that work was a far more pleasant experience. And let’s face it, compared to the usual shite on the radio, this was not just an improvement, but a god send. Fuck you Bieber! Take your new stuff which is remarkably catchy and just leave me alone! I want something good stuck in my head, now go say sorry to someone else, k?

If you’ve not heard this song, that means you’ve not lived. Or you’ve had a terrible life. And how have you not seen the film? Seriously, sort your life out. You’re an embarrassment to yourself. Listen to this, then go watch Casino Royale. Now.

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