Song of the Week #16: ‘Dust’ by Tremonti



There wasn’t exactly a choice to be made for this week’s song of the week. Tremonti released the first single from their new album Dust, due for release next month. The single shares the name with the album, and does not disappoint!

As with all Tremonti songs, there’s plenty of power and the chorus is brilliant; it’s heavy, but the lyrics are thoughtful and profound; it’s fast, but with a steady riff that holds it all together. It’s a great song!

Mark Tremonti himself has developed as a singer hugely since the release of his first solo album. He uses his ability not just to sing loud, but also to demonstrate a greater range than perhaps he showed singing on Tremonti. That change began with Cauterize and continues into the new song here.

Anticipation is the key word – I am excited for the new album next month and hope that the rest of the record follows similarly to this song. It’s certainly a promising hope!

The official lyric video for the song was released a few days ago, give it a watch:

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