Song of the Week #15: ‘Under the Surface’ by Halo Tora


halo tora

I had never heard of Halo Tora until June 2015. That was until I went to see Tremonti in Glasgow and they were supported by a local band from Glasgow. That band was Halo Tora, and they blew the audience away. The vocal harmony between the lead singer and guitarist in particular was consistently impressive throughout their set. At that point in time, the band had not released a complete album, just single, minor releases. That changed in September, when they released their debut album, Omni\One.

It does not sound at all like a debut album from a Glaswegian band. It sounds far too complex at points with a great production mix assisting the talented musicians. Two stand-out songs for me are ‘Under the Surface’ and ‘Age of Terror’. Both were very impressive performed live, and were easily the most recognisable when the album was released, thinking back to the gig.

Under the Surface I think is one of the better songs from the album. It has a fantastic chorus with plenty of volume which builds up nicely from more relaxed sounding verses; the use of piano works particularly well, and as ever, the harmonised singing is outstanding.

You can stream the whole album, including ‘Under the Surface’, on the Independent‘s website here. It’s not compulsory, but it is highly recommended.

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