Rocket League: Car Flip Challenge

rocket league flipped

Do you love Rocket League? Don’t you think it’s getting old though, what with the car on wheels and controllable? Of course you do! That’s why I have invented* a new sport!

*I mean, I’m sure I can’t be the first. But I’m gonna claim it anyway.

The idea is simple: flip the cars, and try and play as normal, with reverting to the usual way up. There are a couple of necessary mutator settings to tweak of course: You’ll probably want to set an unlimited or increased time limit as the ease of scoring is vastly reduced; boost needs to be set to unlimited otherwise movement might be somewhat restricted (or impossible) without cheating; if you’re feeling like a real challenge, try increasing the boost power. I dare you. And of course, you’ll probably need to play this in split screen or in a private match. Trying to convince a stranger to play flip cars will probably prove problematic on the public servers… Although a 4v4 chaos mode flipped would be fantastic!!!

The result? Hilarity and a reinvigorated Rocket League game with a twist. There will be no flying shots or acrobatic heroics, but successful goals will feel so much more satisfying – believe me!

So go give it a try and see how you get on! I promise the frustration is worth it! You can have a look at the results of my attempts earlier with my brother. It was a best of three contest, with all matches first to five goals.

If you like those, you can watch any more additions to the Car Flip Challenge playlist here, on my Youtube channel.

Happy Upside Down Gaming!


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