Song of the Week #14: ‘Providence’ by Tremonti


Tremonti: The solo project of that guy from Alter Bridge which in turn rose from the ashes of Creed. Mark Tremonti is a creatively gifted guitarist with a wide range of talent that have helped both bands to achieve a lot of success. His solo project has a different sound to both bands – the songs are heavier, faster and focused upon Tremonti’s metal influences – and as Mark also provides the vocals, distinguishes this sound further from his other two main projects.


‘Providence’ is the final song on the Cauterize album, Tremonti’s second release after his self-titled debut. It’s not as heavy as some of the other tracks, it has a great chorus and finishes off the entire album on a high. I’ve listened to the album a lot since it was released, not just recently, and ‘Providence’ stands out for me.

I have seen Tremonti live twice; the first in support of Slash (along with Myles Kennedy also of Alter Bridge), and secondly in June last year when they were headlining and supported by Halo Tora. The speed and energy of the band’s live performance is incredible, and although it’s Mark’s solo thing, I always find myself blown away by the rest of the band. Eric Friedman is a great guitarist and vocalist in his own right, and Garrett Whitlock’s drumming technique is outstanding. How his feet can move as fast as they do is beyond me!

I am the proud owner of not one, but two signed items from that gig – a drum skin signed by the whole band and my ticket, also signed, when we were lucky enough to meet the band after the show. One of my favourite ever concerts, without a doubt.

A third Tremonti album is due to be released next month, and if both of his previous albums are anything to judge by, it should be very good indeed!

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