Song of the Week #12: ‘Love Gun’ by KISS

KISS are awesome. It’s just fact. The makeup, the pyrotechnics, the personas and of course, the music. It doesn’t matter if Paul Stanley can’t quite hit those high notes anymore, or if Gene Simmons is old enough to be an OAP – they’re still better rockers than most of the world. There’s not many bands that stand the test of time like KISS, and there’s a reason for their enduring success.

Love Gun

‘Love Gun’ is just one of those reasons. Paul Stanley himself rates it as one his favourite songs and it’s certainly a popular opinion. I led a life sheltered from KISS for a long while, but then I saw the film Role Models with Paul Rudd and Seann William Scott and was introduced to ‘Love Gun’ in the film. For those who haven’t seen the film, it culminates with a make-believe sword fight “Battle Royale” where the main cast dress up as members of KISS, fighting for their flag of Kiss-My-Anthia – obviously! It’s a brilliant film, for those that like KISS references mixed with toilet humour and general ridiculousness.

‘Love Gun’ itself is somewhat fitting with the film too, because it’s an obvious innuendo. But it’s a great song with a fantastic snare-guitar combo intro, and then turns to power chords and Paul Stanley’s lungs for the rest. It’s just not possible to hear Love Gun and feel a little bit more energetic. Which has suited me fine over the last two weeks or so because I have been knackered! It’s one of the few songs KISS produced that came close to capturing their live sound. Their Alive! album was rated so highly for having so much more energy than their studio efforts; ‘Love Gun’ at least tries to replicate that sound – although it is still beaten by the concert version from Alive II

I went for the authentic 240p video to look like it was from the 70s. Honest.

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