Song of the Week #11: ‘New Horizon’ by The Answer

Maintaining my deceitful song of the week catch up spree is The Answer who I have been listening to a lot recently. ‘New Horizon’ is the lead and title single from their most recent album, released in 2013. I would highly recommend them to fans of bands with a big sound like AC/DC or similar. There’s a lot of energy in their songs and they’re not really a band I would expect to release a softer acoustic album any time soon. Sometimes they’re great, but a big wall of noise is always better, right?

‘New Horizon’  starts the album off as it means to go on. It’s loud, fast, plenty of strong vocals and a catchy guitar track to keep everything moving.

Oh yeah, and the video is bizarre! There’s a man with a birdcaged. Imagine trying to get through airport security with a birdcage around your face. I’m kidding, you don’t need to, you can just watch the music video instead:

The Answer are definitely close to the top of my list of bands to go see. I noticed them touring not so long ago in support of ‘New Horizon’ but never had the chance to see them at that point. A real shame, but hopefully not to be repeated!!

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