Introducing Boots the Devilishly Handsome Dog 


My picture is broken!!
Boots, Self Styled Prince of all Dogs, enterpeneur, biscuit connoisseur, barking mad (excuse the pun)
Say hi to Boots! He’s a rather handsome Shetland Sheepdog who is as daft as he is cute. Honestly, I just wanted an excuse to put this picture on the internet, so here he is!

We went for a walk around the University of Stirling campus, around the Airthrey Loch, and up to, as you can see here, Airthrey Castle. It made for a great photo opportunity and luckily Boots obliged and posed for the camera! It’s not his first time at proving incredibly photogenic, but it’s definitely the best recent shot we’ve managed to get of him!

It’s a nice photo isn’t it? It looks like he’s not got a care in the world… Except only a minute previously, he had been mounted by a rather large (and apparently somewhat randy) German Shepherd. It just goes to show that photos don’t prove anything, except that manipulating the truth makes this blog post somewhat funnier than it would have been if a I hadn’t told you.

I think the poor boy was scarred! He certainly did not enjoy the experience, albeit if the other dog in question seemed keen. The dog’s owner seemed somewhat surprised that his dog had come out of the doggy closet before his very eyes too. I’m not judging!!! Each to their own, I’m a liberal thinking type fellow. Although I shall not be partaking in any gay animal rights marches any time soon. I’ve got better things to do, you know? A very serious blog to run and that type of thing…

Wait. How did I get onto that train of thought? I was supposed to be showing you a nice photo of our lovely dog and commenting on his devilish handsomeness! Still, nothing lasts forever. Only seconds later, he treated us to this rather moody shot. Photoshoot over…

His Royal ‘Get That Fucking Camera Outta Ma Face’ Highness, Boots.

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