Song of the Week #9: ‘Lydia’ by Highly Suspect

Cool song, cool video and album art to match! Good going!
Cool song, cool video and album art to match! Good going!

Following on from my last post about my trip to the Glasgow leg of the Carnival of Madness tour, I sort of had to name one of the songs from the gig my ‘song of the week’. It wouldn’t make sense for anything else to be this week’s really.

I’ve gone for Lydia by Highly Suspect for a few reasons: firstly, it’s a great song that they performed very well live and was my standout favourite both before and after the gig. Second of all, it has a cool video, which certainly looks to have been shot in one take, which, if correct, is damn impressive! Check it out:

It is a bit bizarre, but since when was that a bad thing with rock and roll? And for a new band, they made quite an impression on the small proportion of the audience that bothered to turn up for their opening set. I felt really bad for them actually, maybe it was due to the gig starting at 6:15pm… What kind of rock show starts so early? But I thoroughly enjoyed their whole set, as did much of the assembled crowd.

Lydia for me is a song that is well produced; not what I would typically expect from a band’s debut album. It’s incredibly well polished, plentifully heavy and givea a good indication of what to expect from the band in the future. Plus, the fact they can play it well live means I will be keeping an eye out for future tours!

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