We Need to Talk About Kevin Bridges

It’s a clever title for his book and it works particularly well for a blog post too. We really do need to talk about Kevin Bridges – the guy is a genius. He’s swiftly rose through the ranks of the UK’s comedy scene to become a household name by being hilariously relatable. His appearance on Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow was when I first saw him, and no matter how many times I watch him over and over again, he’s still hilarious:

The bus stop joke! Classic.

In his book, Kevin Bridge’s tells the story of his upbringing in Clydebank, right up until the moment he played the SECC in Glasgow to around 10,000 people. There are funny moments as you would expect from a comedian, but also a few very honest, frank admissions. Kevin was a very shy boy as a child, and ultimately gave stand up comedy a go despite his own nerves as he felt making people laugh was just about his only skill he possessed and felt passionate about. In the end, his career has become a huge success story, even if he still only 29!

We Need to Talk About...We Need to Talk About… by Kevin Bridges
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A very good book from a brilliant comedian.
Kevin Bridges tells his own story of a shy boy coming out of his shell as a teenager, coming to the realisation that his greatest skill and passion in life was making people laugh, before attempting to create a career in stand up comedy.
His frankness about his personal highs and lows make the book seem almost like a novel, one that you don’t want to put down as you hope the protagonist overcomes the latest obstacle to success.
In the end it is a well deserved story of success after a lot of hard work and one that I would recommend to any fan of his comedy

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I don’t read a huge amount of autobiographies, and it took me far longer than I intended to start reading this book. But when I did I thoroughly enjoyed it, and the fits of giggles that I found myself in here and there. For those expecting tales of sex, drugs and rock n’ roll, perhaps give it a miss. But for those interested in the bigger thrills in life: stealing a cardboard cut out of Hugh Grant from a cinema, throwing a balloon of water at your Mum and generally being a bit of a pain, this book is for you!


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