The Greatest Looking Racer of All Time


It is STUNNING to watch. It really is that good. It’s so good I could end the post here, just simply urging you to buy it because it’s great. Which you should, but I suppose I’d best continue…

I have never played another racing game with comes close in terms of graphics and realism regarding how the cars handle and conditions on the track than Project Cars. Every single car feels different – they require very unique amounts of steering and acceleration, with the end result being a lot of tyre-smoking spinning in frustration if the throttle is mashed instead in many instances. Admittedly, this kind of setup is frustrating at first, particularly to a gamer who, like myself, is used to the easier going games in the genre (Need for Speed springs to mind). If that unrealistic, but admittedly very fun, drifting-whilst-always-in-control style racer is more your type of thing, prepare for an education; Project Cars is more a simulation of the real thing than an arcade game.

For gamers more suited to games such as those from the Gran Turismo series or perhaps even DRIVECLUB, this control system will probably feel more natural, except so much better. I made the error of, after winning my very first race in a Ford Focus ST, jumping straight up to the LMP1 cars, which led to instant regret. The difference is staggering, as it should be! More experienced players can also tweak just about every last detail in the car setup before every race, right down to individual tyre pressures (because 0.1 bar can make all the difference!)

When it comes to graphics, this game might just be able to convince you that you are watching real footage shot from the racetrack. The sun provides a genuine dazzle that can often hamper your view of the tarmac; the rain can be seen beating down against the surface, your car, and even on the view camera; the cars themselves look amazing and every little detail from the real-deal is replicated on the screen, from speedometers and roll cages inside the car, to headlights outside. The choice of view options are also great: chase, bumper, hood, driver’s view, passenger’s view, helmet cam and a roof camera too. Basically, every angle you could possibly want or need.

Drifting is cool to look at, but give it too much and off the track you shall go!
Drifting is cool to look at, but give it too much and off the track you shall go!

I really like the career mode on this game, also. The developers have attempted to make sure that the realism of the game isn’t the only thing that attracts gamers – there are also goals and a career ladder to climb. It’s not just that pretty looking game which you want to play because it’s stunning, it’s also that game that keeps you motivated as you strive towards winning championships and progressing through various motorsport ranks to the very top.

My version of Project CARS is on the PS4, which looks stunning, although I imagine not quite as good as on a high-end PC. I really want to get a hold of the PC version to compare, because if it can add to the graphics shown on the consoles, it really will be out of this world! I’m not really one to worry much about framerates and anti-aliasing as such, but if they can make this game look even better?!

In the end, I’ve not enjoyed a driving game this much since I first played Race Driver: GRID. At the time I thought that was phenomenal, even if now it looks not quite as realistic as I had once thought. If you like racing games, go get this.


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