Song of the Week #8: ‘The Unholy’ by Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators


world on fire
Just HOW COOL is that album art?

It’s got Slash on guitar, therefore it’s great. That seems to be rule accepted in rock music. Another rule should soon become the norm too: if Myles Kennedy wrote the lyrics, it’s going to be genius, most likely intense and very, very clever. And not only are the words hard hitting, he belts them out like a fucking hurricane on acid (that’s a metaphor right there for you!)

The Unholy is the last song on the World on Fire album, and is the equivalent of ending a tv series on a cliffhanger – it just leaves you wanting more but you know you’ve got to wait until the next series. To be fair, it’s the seventeenth track, so I suppose it’s not like you can complain that there aren’t enough songs on the album!

The whole album is great, as you would expect. When the first single, World on Fire, was released, I don’t think I stopped listening to it for weeks. This song is simply my recent favourite, mainly due to the massive build up towards the end of the song, around the last minute and a half to be exact. It’s got a Slash solo and Myles giving everything, so it goes out with a bang. I just need the next album to be released now…

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