Song of the Week #3: ‘Open My Eyes’ by Rivals Sons

What a tune. Say hi to Rival Sons, and the second single from their Great Western Valkyrie album. It’s got everything: a catchy guitar riff all the way through; a wailing lead singer who really goes for it; and a guitarist with perhaps the greatest moustache in the world. If, by the way, you don’t think the last criteria is particularly important, you are completely wrong. You can hear the moustache in the song, I swear. It sounds suspiciously like drums…

Seriously, give this song a go. And if you like it, I would highly recommend any of their other albums.

I wouldn’t even say it’s my favourite song of theirs, but it’s most likely their best known, and almost certainly the catchiest. I think Get What’s Coming might be the best for me, although it’s got a lot of competition.

Basically, if you like Led Zeppelin, you will like Rival Sons. They’ve got that kind of bad ass riff meets powerful vocals sound. If you already like Rival Sons, then go you. If you haven’t heard of Rival Sons before, now is your chance! And if you have listened to them and don’t like them, then I’m sorry but I must politely ask that you leave. Go on, off you go. Thank you kindly.

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