Just Cause 3 Gameplay: Vis Electra

I really do love this time of year. Games publishers see Christmas coming and they all want is to get their games out to the public so that they buy loads of copies of them so that the publishers rake in the dough. Of course, rushing games like that won’t necessarily end well… But hey! We get lots of games! First there was Fallout 4, then there was Star Wars Battlefront. Then December arrived, and on the very first day, Just Cause 3! Because there’s no better way to get into the Christmas spirit than by blowing a lot of things up on an obscure island. Hooray!

The new wingsuit adds extra badass. Products may vary. Spare wings sold separately.
The new wingsuit adds extra badass. Products may vary. Spare wings sold separately.

The latest installment sees the return of the protaganist Rico Rodriguez and to be honest, the return of Just Cause 2 with some nicer graphics and a few minor alterations. My favourite new addition has to be the wingsuit (because a grappling hook and a parachute wasn’t good enough?) And to be even more honest, I’m actually happy that they didn’t change too much for this game – Just Cause 2 was fantastic and there was no reason to mess with it.

I’ve recorded myself liberating the Vis Electra base in Baia, one of the first few liberation missions you are tasked with in the story. Give it a watch and see what you think!

I’ve not yet had a chance to play more than a couple of hours on the new game, but what I’ve seen so far (bar a few minor performance issues and my own temperamental-at-best internet connection) has been great. Everything is as you would expect: the visuals are stunning, Rico is incredibly fun to play as and the accents are wonderfully bad. What’s not to love?

Thanks for reading! Add me on PSN or Steam – NotSoNormalBen.


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