Luke, I am your… Brother?

Well that’s a twist! I’m almost certain that’s not what really happens in The Empire Strikes Back. But that’s what happened tonight!

Sam, my brother, and I played some Battlefront online. We played a few rounds of various things, but the most entertaining had to be our head-to-head duel. I was Vader, he took Luke Skywalker. And so the battle began, with Luke and Darth as two brothers. Honestly, now that really would have been a plot twist! Forget the “I am your Father” nonsense! Brothers! Who’d have seen that coming?

You can watch the battle below, and please feel free to celebrate my victory with the customary, “rebel scum” type glee.

I don’t want to boast but I did win comfortably without refilling my health once. Go me. Take that Sam.

We also played some co-op mode stuff like survival on various different levels. We may need some more practice before we can claim to be true masters of the force, but I don’t think we did too badly. You can watch us in survival on Hoth once more.

Sam has his own blog which you can visit at:

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