I’m a Gaming Convert

I’ve always been a console guy. Ever since I was young and had the PS1, it’s always been the same. It was followed by the PS2, a Gamecube, a PS3, an Xbox 360, a Wii and now finally the PS4. There were (and are) a few handheld consoles to add to the list – the Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, DS, PSP, 3DS and PS Vita are all included. There’s an ease with consoles that you don’t get from a PC; you really can just put the disc/cartridge/card/download the game into the device and off you go. Sometimes after 2 hours of updates, yes, but nevertheless. Simple.

But recently I have purchased a gaming PC. And wow is it good. The games are so cheap, and they (generally speaking) run so much better than they ever would on any console. What have I been missing all these years? Why did none of you tell me?!

There is an obvious downside to all of this cheap, fantastic gaming. I can’t say no to any of the cheap games if they’re on sale. How can you resist a brand new game for about a quarter of the price you’d pay on the PS4? It can’t be justifiably done. So while they may be cheap, they’re costing me a fortune!

The story of my (very recent) life
The story of my (very recent) life

Some games are a pain to get working straight away too. None of that console simplicity on a PC at all. There’s the resolution and frame-rate and vertical-syncing and anti-aliasing and texture quality and shadow depth and motion blur and…. You get the picture. A lot of settings to mess about with to ensure your computer runs the game as smooth as possible without compromising on graphics. That’s if the game loads up in the first place before a quick fix in the application settings as well.

But that still doesn’t make the PC the lesser option. It’s fantastic! Steam is an amazing platform, and offers so much choice and value for games which as a whole are a vast improvement over the consoles. How it has taken me this long to convert I will never know.

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