You’ve Stumbled Across My Blog – Congratulations!

This isn’t your average blog. This is in fact that ‘dark corner’ of the internet you’ve heard about on the news when they’re talking about hacking and the illegal sales of ivory and guns. Or maybe it’s just a blog after all. By the looks of things, you’re going to need to explore a bit more. I hope you won’t be disappointed.*

I think the correct definition for this blog is a ‘hybrid’. Honestly, I have absolutely no idea how to describe it. Some people are great at having a theme for their blogs and sticking to it. They might have a book blog or maybe they have a super serious blog about political procedures and ammendments to legislation regarding the sale of coconut-based products – to name a couple of examples. I’m not like that. Despite my interest in both books and coconut produce and the laws governing coconut-based products, I simply have too many other exciting interests to allow my blog to focus exclusively on such terrifyingly brilliant matters. So it’s a hybrid – a bit of this, some of that, and maybe just a little bit of coconut legislation news.  Or perhaps none at all. You’re going to have read on I’m afraid. Cliff hangers are definitely my style.

I’ll most likely focus mostly on the games I’ve been playing recently, the few books I’ve managed to read through (not a lot), and some stuff about TV that I might have watched. All of this shall nicely be complimented by the occasional rant, maybe even something on a trending topic! I get pissed off easily enough, so expect one of those fairly regularly.

All in all, imagine my blog as my thoughts – in website form. Like an ongoing collection of my thoughts, broadcast to the wider world on the internet. I will try to be on my best behaviour. Hopefully you’ll check out what is coming up, maybe even enjoy it!



*If you’re looking for hacking tips, ivory or guns, you may well be disappointed. Sorry about that.


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