Star Wars Battlefront Survival Gameplay

My favourite game of the moment has to be the new Star Wars Battlefront. It was an essential release day purchase that I have not regretted!

I’ve been enjoying the different modes, particularly the Survival levels. You can watch me in action playing the Survival on Tatooine level below.

I will no doubt in time publish a full review of the game, but I’m determined to have a go at every mission and game mode first to give a better overview.

I’m a bit obsessed with Star Wars games – Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga might be me all time favourite on any console. This new Battlefront game certainly has a lot of promise for being a close contester. Only time will tell just how much I will love it!

Want to play with me? Add me – NotSoNormalBen – on PSN or Steam.


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